Kentucky Society for Healthcare Purchasing and Materials Management

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About Us

The Kentucky Society for Healthcare Purchasing and Materials Management (KSHPMM) is a chapter affiliate of the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management (AHRMM). We are a professional organization of healthcare supply chain and materials management professionals that are endeavoring to provide educational and networking opportunities to all our membership.

The KSHPMM can best be described by a section of our by-laws which reads:

  1. Promote efficiency in health care purchasing and materials management systems by encouraging cooperation and dialogue among society members.

  2. Provide a forum for interchange of concepts and expertise to promote member effectiveness and camaraderie.

  3. Provide medium for dissemination of information and resources relating to health care purchasing and materials management.

  4. Help to identify, define and rectify issues that affect health care purchasing and materials management by establishing position statements on these issues.

  5. Encourage and assist districts in conducting regular meetings and educational programs concerning health care purchasing and materials management.

  6. Encourage members to enhance their knowledge and effectiveness in health care purchasing and materials management systems through educational programs aimed at that end.

We have two educational events in the spring and fall of the year. The spring educational program is held at one of our member's facilities and we have a program of several speakers. The meeting is broadcast to remote locations as available throughout the Commonwealth. Lunch at the seminar is usually provided by a vendor who is offered a period during lunch to speak about their company or products. The fall event is held in late September/October and is part of the Kentucky Healthcare Coalition Conference (KHCC) and it is held at a different location each year. Recent locations have included Covington, Owensboro, Lexington, and Louisville. The KHCC is a coalition of several Kentucky healthcare professional organizations that have joined together to provide a larger venue for speakers and a trade show for vendors.

We have a bi-monthly conference call with all of the members of the KSHPMM to discuss organizational business and we have educational presentations.

KSHPMM encourages you to help grow the organization and provide educational and networking opportunities to all our membership.

Current Board Members

Brent Pacanowski
William May Brandon Merrell
Janelle Puckett
President Secretary/Treasurer Media Director Program Chair

Mike Zimmerman Maggie Banks Margaret Frymire
Cindy Oakley
Bluegrass District Director Cumberland District Director Ohio Valley District Director Twin Lakes District Director

The board of directors at AHRMM has recognized KSHPMM for its participation and engagement and has awarded KSHPMM with the 2019 STANDARD LEVEL award!! This is the first time that KSHPMM has received the award and it is an honor to be recognized at the national level. Way to go KSHPMM members and board of directors!